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10 Reasons to Start Video Marketing Today


Start building your video marketing strategy.

We all have heard about content marketing or what it takes to start an online presence for a small business in the modern era. Not only does a website brings you exposure, but a blog and Social Media Marketing are also essential options to utilize. So many of us often wonder, how do we know which marketing techniques best suit our business? Social Media could be the answer, but with so many platforms, it can become problematic to know where our target audience is checking out.



 Video Marketing 101: 10 reasons to start today. 

One potential option that has flown under the radar as more and more businesses focus on other avenues is an entire social network devoted exclusively to serving business users interested in video marketing. 

This article will showcase the top ten reasons to begin video marketing today. While many individuals are unaware of the potential advantages, we have conducted extensive research to ensure that our readers can make the most of this opportunity.


1. Gets you into the mind of your buyer.

When you use video to promote your business, you are putting your content directly in the hands of your customers. They experience and see how your product or service works from your perspective. It is an invaluable opportunity for getting inside the mind of your buyer. You can understand their pain points, how they see the value, and how to communicate in a way that feels like empathy and solidarity.


2. Increases the impact and retention of your messages.

When you use video to communicate information about your business or product, the messages are more impactful and likely to be retained by those who see or hear them. In a recent study, participants kept 50% of information communicated through video versus 25% from text-based content. It makes it easier for you to repeat critical details or change your mind in the face of challenges.


3. Increases your search engine visibility.

Building and maintaining search engine authority is key to any successful digital marketing strategy. When you start using video to grow your business, you increase your SEO authority with every video posted on Vzaar.com. (In fact, every video you publish gives you a boost in authority, just like in basketball.) It will make it easier for customers to find you when they’re ready to buy or for new customers to discover you.


4. It Makes it easier to share your story with the world.

You have a lot to say and a unique personality and perspective to offer the world. With video, it’s easier to share your story and convey emotion, which can help attract new customers looking for who you are and how you come across. Posting a series of well-produced videos can help create a sustained impact on your audience.


5. Connects you face-to-face with potential customers.

With the proliferation of online video, it’s become easier for businesses to post videos and move on to the next task. However, people tend to respond better to videos when the creator is visible and can interact with their audience in real-time. You can use this to your advantage by incorporating live video content into your marketing strategy.


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6. It Makes it easier for customers to “try you on for size.”

With video, you can allow customers to experience what it’s like being around, using, or purchasing from your business. A great example is Tried It Tuesday, a video campaign run by B2C Blog Thirsty where bloggers upload their attempts at various crafting projects. Their videos create experiential content that allows their audience to try crafting on an iPhone without spending much money first. This makes it easier for potential customers to imagine themselves using the products and buying from the brand.


7. Helps you stand out in search results.

As with images, a video’s metadata can help it stand out when a searcher looks for specific keywords. But videos can also improve your ranking on search engines that use artificial intelligence because those AIs are getting better and better at recognizing video content.

For example, when you post video content on YouTube, Google gives it more weight in its search results. That means that when searchers click on your video ad or enter a query that your YouTube video content matches, you’re more likely to get seen and clicked on. That can lead to increased traffic and sales.


8. It Makes it easy for customers to share and recommend you.

When people are impressed with your business, they want to tell others about it. And video is the best medium for them to do so. Studies show that people are three times more likely to share a video than text, and most of those who share will also recommend your brand to others.


9. It Makes you look authoritative.

You already know that blogging is a great way to establish your business as an expert in your field. And video blogging is compelling for this. Studies show that people who watch videos are more likely to believe that the information presented is accurate. And the medium of video makes it easier for people to accept what you say as correct.

As your audience sees you teaching them through video, they’ll begin to see you as an authority on whatever topic you’re covering. That can lead to more sales of other products and services as they recommend your brand to others.


10. It Allows you to connect with your customers more deeply.

Video allows you to connect with your audience on a personal level in a way that other forms of content don’t qualify. 

For example, Sprinkler Buddy lets a garden-loving mom create videos of her kids playing in the sprinklers to share with other parents. That kind of personal, familial connection isn’t possible with different mediums. It can inspire a deep relationship with your customers, built on trust and reliability.


 project Consultants, Llc | Pc Social


Decide what to video. You have several options here:

Create tutorial videos. Tutorial videos are one of the best ways to help users solve their problems and thus drive traffic back to your site. These include instructions on how to do something, like a hairdo, makeup tutorial, or DIY project.

Demonstrate software. Sell software or other products that require a learning curve. You can use video to make it easier for customers to see how to use the product—an animated demonstration of how to use the software or a tutorial on the benefits of your software. 

Show how the product works is always a winning video idea.

Show yourself doing something. Showing customers how the product works isn’t the only way to drive sales. You can also show them something they want to do, thus prompting them to buy your product so they can have similar results. It works incredibly well with tutorials and DIY projects.

Entertain and inform. Not all of your videos need to be serious. If you have funny or light-hearted content that relates to your business, you can also share some of that on video. Remember that humor doesn’t work for every company, so ensure your audience wants to hear your jokes before you shoot your video.

Create a collage of content. If you’re a multi-brand business, you can create videos that include various other pieces to help customers learn more about a subject. For example, a video containing quotes from multiple authors and a summary might provide users with‘ one-stop’ information.

Use live videos. The new trend in the video is live videos, and entrepreneurs are using this technique to demonstrate their personalities and build trust with their audience. Live videos can be a tutorial, funny commentary, etc. The timing of the video is essential as people won’t have the option to skip through the video if it’s live. So, if you tend to be long-winded, this may not work for you. But if you’re animated and lively — and your audience is interested in the topic — a live video could work well for you to promote your products.

Animations and cartoons. Animated videos are also becoming popular and for a good reason. Animated videos are great at demonstrating complex ideas because the movement of the screen helps viewers follow along with complex concepts. If you have the artistic ability to create animated videos, use that talent in your business video marketing. Cartoons can also add a light-hearted and exciting touch to a video.

Show how to solve a problem. Businesses sell products so that customers can solve problems for themselves. If your product provides solutions to specific issues, it makes sense to demonstrate that on video so customers know exactly how your product can help them. It is a perfect strategy if your product is a DIY or tutorial product because those videos help customers visualize how they can solve their problems.

Entertain and amuse. If an animated or animated video doesn’t suit your business taste, you can still entertain your audience by using funny videos. People are interested in products that make them laugh, and combining your product with a bit of humor will only help your business.

Create a sensation. If a video is trending, whether it’s because of the music overlay or the subject matter, you can capitalize on that with your video. For example, if indoor gardening is in vogue because of climate disruption, you can promote your video gardening in a greenhouse using music and subject matter that’s popular at the time.

Humanize yourself. Businesses have become so big that sometimes it’s hard for the public to connect with them. But one thing that still connects businesses with customers is the human voice. If you do a narrated video, viewers will hear your voice and get a sense of who you are — which can help them feel more connected to you and possibly even trust you more. 

Show how your business cares. There are so many companies out there that claim to care, but it’s still important to show that care to customers. You can create a video showing how your company helps others — whether it’s a charity drive or a testimonial from customers supported by your business.

Entertain educational videos. Combining the four categories above will give you an educational video to help your audience and your business grow. Educational videos can teach your audience what they need to know, such as how to solve a problem or how new technologies can benefit them.

Promote current events. Events in the world affect people and businesses. So, if a new technology is introduced because of a space launch or a natural disaster, for example, that’s an opportunity for you to create a video about it. People are interested in current events presented through videos and images rather than just reading about them.

Show solutions to common problems. Many businesses out there solve problems for people, and those problems are becoming increasingly complicated due to climate disruption and other factors. If you can showcase how your product or service solves a common problem, it’s compelling for customers to buy from you.

Entrepreneurs launch video marketing campaigns. If your business is still growing, starring in video marketing campaigns can help you reach a new audience that might still need to learn about you. Film yourself or a spokesperson talking about your business, services, or products. Post the video on YouTube and other social media sites so that new potential customers can learn more about your company.

Promote the benefits of new technologies. The world is full of new technologies — such as 5G mobile technology, AI, self-driving cars, and more — and concerns about those technologies. So, create a video explaining new technology’s benefits instead of the problems. This will help rally the troops (your audience) around a new technology instead of worrying about its potential downsides.

Entertainment leads to education. Plenty of entertaining videos educate their audiences while they’re being entertained. If you can create a video that teaches people something while making them laugh or keeping them engaged, they’ll remember the content and probably pass it on to others.

Portray yourself as an authority. People are increasingly looking to videos to learn about various topics related to business and finance. People depend on your videos for information, and your new video channel could become an essential resource for your audience, making them look suitable to their audience and building your brand.

Video marketing has become a massive trend within the business world and can significantly impact your business. We hope you enjoyed our article on how to create video marketing for your business and that you found it helpful. Please let us know what you think by commenting below. Reach out to us, and we will schedule a free demo of our intelligent marketing services. 

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