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Social Media Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs | Online Sales Guide Tips

If you ask any entrepreneur, their biggest challenge is managing their social media. Either they struggle with generating content or with being consistent. Yet, they all agree that social media is integral to their business. It’s what drives awareness and trust in the business. So, in this blogging season, I’m going to create a social […]

Search Intent, Content Marketing, and B2B SEO 2021 Priorities | Online Sales Guide Tips

Back in the day, I used to talk endlessly about Utility Content, content marketing that solved a problem for the user. Your content should entertain, inform, or educate. It should serve a purpose. All of that still matters but these days we need to also focus heavily on search intent. Why? Because Google does. What […]

3 YouTube Marketing Tips for Small Business in 2021 | Online Sales Guide Tips

YouTube, which was started in 2005, has now grown to be the second-largest search engine in the world, just behind Google. There are over 2 billion users, and hundreds of hours of video content are uploaded every minute. It’s been around for 16 years, and there are already tons of popular channels to occupy every […]

Search, Business Intelligence And AI: The 2021 Marketing Trifecta | Online Sales Guide Tips

by Jim Yu , December 15, 2020 Research suggests that companies that make their decisions based on data are 58% more likely to beat their revenue goals. However, rapidly evolving consumer preferences and behaviors during the upheaval and continued uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 crisis have left most companies struggling to align their strategies with new customer […]

Marketing the COVID vaccine faces familiar challenges | Online Sales Guide Tips

Not only is the COVID vaccination effort the biggest in U.S. history; the public education campaign launched by DHHS — effectively to market the vaccination — is also large-scale. The Department has budgeted $250 million against a background of widespread mistrust. Some one in four Americans are currently reluctant to take the shots. It’s a […]

7 SEO Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 | Online Sales Guide Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most crucial elements of an organization, providing it with the necessary visibility to attract more customers. A strong SEO strategy allows a company to position its website to attract more visitors, increasing the chances of turning these prospects into customers. Businesses often forget why they are in […]

4 Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies for 2021 | Online Sales Guide Tips

Jared Atchison December 28, 2020 There are plenty of exciting ways to grow your business in 2021. More people are using email and social media than ever before, and the result is plenty of new opportunities for leaders and marketing teams across all industries. One aspect of marketing you may be neglecting is your mobile […]

How to Discover your Target Audience

How to Discover Your Target Audience If you have been in business for any period, you are aware that the key to generating maximum profits is to identify your target market. Without doing this, you face the danger of wasting your marketing dollars, which could result in lost opportunities for gain. A target market, to […]