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B2B Graphic Design Statistics and Insights Report

B2B Graphic Design Statistics and Insights Report


The team at Piktochart surveyed 1000+ business professionals around the globe, representing various industries, brands, and company sizes, to learn insights and statistics in graphic design. Most marketers agree that effective marketing requires both content creation and distribution. That means creating compelling messages, whether through traditional media like print ads, TV commercials, or even digital campaigns, and distributing those messages effectively across channels to reach your target audience. This course will help you master the essential skills to create and execute successful marketing strategies.

If you don’t want to read the full article you can watch the video below. 


If you would like to read the full report from Piktochart you follow this link: 

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What is the percentage of organizations using graphic design? 

  • 81% of business organizations we surveyed use graphic design in various formats.

Out of the 19% of companies that don’t use it, 67% would make graphic design assets if there was a more accessible and cost-effective way to do it.


Why do Businesses Use Graphic Design? (Top 3 Reasons)

  •  55% of respondents use graphic design to communicate better with customers.
  •  24% Use it to drive social media engagement.
  •  19% Use it to communicate internally. 

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Where does graphic design fit into your marketing funnel?

Our research shows that graphic design plays a role in every customer journey stage. It can be found across all buying cycle stages: from awareness through consideration to purchase. Here are some examples showing how graphic design helps you reach each step of the buying process:

  • 80% of consumers consider a brand first before deciding on which product or service they want to buy.
  • 53% of consumers believe that clever design makes products stand out from others.
  • 51% of marketers say their primary goal is to create unique visual content.
  • 45% of marketers report that they spend most of their time designing images that will help them achieve this.
  • 35% of consumers trust information presented visually over written text.
  • 31% of consumers think visuals are more effective at conveying information than text alone.
  • 30% of shoppers prefer shopping apps with beautiful graphics and layouts.
  • 25% of consumers find purchasing decisions faster when they see attractive visuals.

Graphic design is an essential part of any marketing strategy. Without good graphic design, you may fail to impress, inspire, and convert your audience. A well-designed website gives your brand credibility, portrays professionalism, and encourages other businesses to trust you. Good graphic design helps differentiate you from competitors. Who would choose yours if there’s no difference between two similar services or products?

Top 5 Visual Content Formats

What type of visual formats are created by businesses in 2021? 

  • Social Media Graphics
  • Presentations
  • Videos
  • Flyers and Brochures
  • Posters

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Which is the most popular format among businesses?

Social Media Graphics. We’ve seen that social media graphics have become one of the most critical tools in any marketer’s arsenal. Today, people expect to see visual content everywhere, including in ads, email campaigns, websites, social platforms, etc., so it’s no wonder that social media graphics are the most common type of visual content businesses produce.


How much does graphic design impact your bottom line?

Graphic design has been proven to increase sales, improve ROI, reduce churn, and boost conversions. According to our study, 57% of marketers agree that having a solid brand identity helps increase revenue. And only 8% of marketers disagree. 


Why should I invest in graphic design?

Graphic design is an excellent investment because it is easily understood and universally accessible. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling physical goods or digital services – if you’re promoting yourself online, your branding needs to be consistent. Consumers can quickly get confused, especially when it comes to eCommerce sites. They need to know what they’re looking at and where they’re going. If they can’t tell, they won’t convert.

In addition to increasing sales, graphic design can save you money overall. A recent study showed that businesses that spent $10,000 or less on marketing could generate an average of $11,079 per year in additional revenue. But those businesses spending $20,001 to $50,000 generated an average of $18,739 per year in extra income. Finally, companies that spent over $50,000 generated $22,633 in annual revenue. So, if your budget allows you to invest in graphic design, you could reap significant rewards!


Top 5 Benefits of Graphic Design to Businesses

Graphic design can be an essential and highly effective marketing tool, but it’s not always the easiest to accomplish. Incorporating graphic design into your marketing strategy can add style and substance to your efforts while increasing your company’s brand awareness and credibility.

Here are five benefits of graphic design that can help you find success.

  • It helps customers understand their products and services better.
  • Marketing, Social, Insights, Data, Graphic Design Project Consultants, Llc | Pc SocialIt helps improve brand awareness
  • It drives social media engagement and the number of followers. 
  • It helps increase traffic to the business websites.
  • It helps generate more leads.


Faster Product Launches

Regarding product launches, speed is key to successful business growth. When you launch a new product, there will be grand expectations from consumers and clients. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, it’s crucial that you create a visually appealing website. That way, potential customers can easily navigate your site to learn about your products and services. Using graphic design, you can make sure your site is as user-friendly as possible. This will give you the competitive edge you need to succeed in today’s marketplace.


Better Brand Awareness

Your brand is your reputation, and it should be treated with care. People spend time-consuming information and make decisions based on what they see and hear. For this reason, your brand must be represented well throughout different mediums. Visual content is hugely influential, so you should use images whenever possible. Graphics can help people recognize your brand name and logo quicker than text alone. Studies have shown that the brain processes visual stimuli faster than written material. So, if you want to raise brand awareness across multiple platforms, including social media, video, email marketing, etc., graphic design may be just what you need.


Increased Traffic

Whether you sell physical goods or digital services, one thing that every business needs are traffic. Without traffic, no one is ever going to buy anything. And if you don’t have visitors, you won’t get any conversions either. On top of that, if you don’t have enough traffic, you might lose out on some precious search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities. With graphic design, you can use SEO by creating relevant meta tags, titles, descriptions, alt texts, and keywords. These factors are vital in driving high-quality traffic to your website.


Higher Conversion Rates

Have you been wondering why your conversion rates aren’t as impressive as they used to be? If so, you should consider investing in graphic design. According to a report published by Google, “users who view web pages with a strong focus on visuals tend to be more engaged and satisfied with their experience.” As such, when you incorporate graphics into your website, you increase the likelihood of users buying your products. A study conducted by Kiss metrics has also found that “the most engaging websites were the ones with the highest percentage of visual assets—images, videos, and interactive elements like maps.”

So, graphic design could be exactly what you need if you’re looking to boost sales, improve user engagement, and enhance your overall online presence.


How much do businesses spend on graphic design each year?

Business, Data, Graphic, Design, Analytics Project Consultants, Llc | Pc Social

  • 32% spend $5,000 to $10,000 per year
  • Another 32% spend $1,000 to $5,000 a year
  • 19% spend more than $1,000
  • 17% spend under $1,000


What other benefits does graphic design provide?

Graphic design helps companies stand out among competitors. A study by HubSpot shows that 90% of consumers will choose a product from a competitor if they believe a better option is available. That’s why it’s essential that you present your brand clearly through graphic design. Not only will it make your product look unique, but it will also help customers understand its purpose and features.

Graphic design makes your company memorable. You may not realize it, but your customers remember everything about your company. Everything matters, from the first impression you give them to the last interaction they have with you. Using graphic design ensures that your brand stays consistent from start to finish, allowing your company to build a loyal customer base over time.

Graphic design improves your ROI. When you invest in graphic design, you will likely see significant returns on your investment. Graphic design isn’t about aesthetics but also about your company’s branding strategy. For example, a popular infographic can drive thousands of qualified leads into your business, increasing your chances of generating revenue because you’ll already have many exciting prospects.


Does graphic design matter?

Yes! Graphics can make or break your brand and influence people’s perception of your company, which determines whether they want to purchase your products. But even though graphic design plays a significant role in marketing today, many small businesses still struggle to create eye-catching designs. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert to get started. With our collection of free graphic design tools, you can quickly transform any design idea into reality.


How has the graphic design budget changed in 2021 for businesses?

In recent years, businesses have been allocating a larger budget for the graphic design than ever before. This is due to the increasing importance of visuals in marketing and the shift to digital media. In 2021, businesses’ average graphic design budget was $2000-$5000 per month. This is a significant increase from the $500-$1000 per month that was typical just a few years ago. The increase in budget is reflective of the growing importance of graphic design in businesses of all sizes.

Graphic Design, Marketing, Insights, Data, Visual Project Consultants, Llc | Pc Social

  • 32% spend $5,000 to $10,000 per year
  • Another 32% spend $1,000 to $5,000 a year
  • 19% spend more than $1,000
  • 17% spend under $1,000

The median size of a business that spends between \$5,000-\$10,000 per year on graphic design is \$3M in annual sales, representing a substantial amount of money compared to the overall U.S. economy. Several factors are driving this trend, including:

Growth in social media. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram now play a vital role in the success of most businesses. Businesses are increasingly turning to these sites to advertise their products. Since graphics are crucial to creating a successful campaign, graphic designers must develop engaging visual content that gets noticed.

A greater reliance on data. A significant percentage of businesses rely on data analytics to guide decisions. Because of this, more companies are investing in creating compelling infographics as part of their marketing strategies.

More attention is being paid to user experience (UX). UX refers to how easy it is for users to understand and interact with a website. Good UX ensures that visitors stay engaged throughout every step of their journey. To help achieve good UX, graphic designers need to pay close attention to details like color schemes, typography, navigation, and layout.

Businesses spend less time designing logos. Although logo design remains one of the most crucial elements of a business’s identity, many companies now outsource this task to professional graphic designers. This frees up valuable resources for other aspects of the business – like customer service – without compromising quality.


How has the Covid-19 Pandemic affected the production of graphic design in businesses?

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, businesses have had to adapt how they produce graphic design. With many employees working remotely, there has been a shift towards digital design tools and online collaboration platforms. This has resulted in many businesses’ more streamlined and efficient design processes. However, some companies are struggling to keep up with the pace of change and are still relying on traditional methods of graphic design production. This can lead to delays in design projects and a lack of creativity in the final product.

  • Graphic, Design, Marketing, Visual, Insights Project Consultants, Llc | Pc Social

    50 % of businesses created more visual assets during and after the pandemic. 

  • 31% began about the same number of visual aids during and after the pandemic. 
  • 19 % started fewer visual assets during and after the pandemic.


What does the future hold for graphic design in B2B Marketing?

As we enter the next decade, the field of graphic design will continue to evolve. We expect an even greater emphasis on UX and immersive experiences. Businesses will also start to invest more heavily in video content, which will require a strong understanding of animation and motion design. 


What trends do you predict will shape the graphic design industry over the coming decades?

We predict that the rise of virtual reality will create new opportunities for graphic designers. For example, VR will provide customers with interactive tours or 3D walkthroughs of buildings. It could also bring together teams who work across separate locations, allowing them to collaborate from virtually anywhere. In addition, AR/VR technology will become commonplace in the workplace, helping employees perform their jobs better by providing them with real-time feedback about their performance.


How do Businesses Rate Their Current Graphic Design Process?

Graphic design is a significant part of any company’s marketing communication package, and a poor graphic design can potentially damage a company’s brand and reputation. However, not all graphic designers are created equal. If a business rates its current visual design process as “poor,” it needs to take steps to improve. These actions include hiring a reputable graphic designer, creating a clear set of expectations for the project, involving stakeholders early in the design process, and collaborating closely with the designer throughout the project creation.

  • 49% of Teams required a good amount of coordination, but It’s smooth sailing in general. 
  • 34% of teams have a smooth sailing process. 
  • 17% of teams have a cumbersome and time-consuming process. 
  • 26% of teams have good coordination and smooth sailing in general.Marketing, Graphic, Designs, Animation, Interactivity Project Consultants, Llc | Pc Social

Graphic design is a significant part of any company’s marketing communication package, and a poor graphic design can potentially damage a company’s brand and reputation. However, not all graphic designers are created equal. If a business rates its current graphic design process as “poor,” it needs to take steps to improve.

A team’s design process is a crucial factor in its success. Some companies and teams are clear about their expectations and goals, while others are vague or loose in their plans. In general, the vast majority of teams have a solid and consistent process that ensures everyone is on the same page, but there are still some areas where companies require more coordination, such as communication and project management, as well as keeping designers updated and engaged.


The following statistics were compiled through a survey of over 400 companies.

The data is the percentage of surveyed companies that rate the quality of their graphics process as either “poor” or “good.”

  • 7% of companies have an excellent method. 
  • 41% of companies have a good approach. 
  • 42% of teams have a poor strategy. 
  • 21% of teams have a mediocre process. 
  • 42% of teams have an inferior method.

The following statistics were collected through a survey of over 100 agencies. The data represents how many clients each agency has served within the last year.

  • 26% of agencies serve 1–5 clients. 
  • 22% of agencies serve 6–10 clients. 
  • 17% of agencies serve 11–15 clients. 
  • 14% of agencies serve 16–20 clients. 
  • 9% of agencies serve 21–30 clients. 
  • 4% of agencies serve 31–50 clients. 
  • 2% of agencies serve 51–100 clients.
  •  0.4% of agencies serve 101–200 clients. 
  • 0.1% of agencies serve 200–500 clients. 
  • 0.1 of agencies serve 501–1000 clients. 


Top 5 challenges of businesses in terms of the graphic design process?

Graphic, Design, Marketing, Insights, Analytics Project Consultants, Llc | Pc Social

Let’s take a closer look at the teams that said they experienced issues with the following five categories:

  • poor communication between designers and developers (52%)
  • poor communication between product owners and graphic champions (48%)
  • no clear design vision or strategy (44%)
  • the separation between design, development, and QA testing teams (38%)
  • low team-to-project communication (36%)

Communication. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, unrelated tasks, and frustration. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, unrelated tasks, and frustration—in project management. In a company project, it is critical to effectively manage every task performed to ensure that everyone is focused on the goal of delivering a completed project on time and within budget.

  • 34% said the design must go through too many approval steps. 
  • 24% said it takes too long to get the procedure done. 
  • 15%, not enough collaboration among team members in producing the latest ideas. 
  • 12% said it is not enough skills to create graphic design assets quickly. 
  • 12% said that the existing graphic design process isn’t creative enough. 
  • 3% said they could not afford the design software.

The following are some of the challenges that the companies interviewed faced when it came to the design process, in terms of:

Sharing Ideas and Feedback. The ‘brainstorming’ process is one of the most common, most efficient, and most effective communication tools (for example: create a session-specific email address, set a deadline and a start time, and ask people to share their ideas soon as they have them. Then use the ideas later to create a thought-out design. It can help create a design document to include the concepts in a structured way before the next meeting. The objective of brainstorming is to exchange ideas and create new ones that will eventually help you understand what makes your product or service successful.

Collecting Ideas. When looking for ideas for features or enhancements, you want to collect as many different perspectives as possible. The better the number of views, the more robust and exciting the resulting designs will be. Use the following methods to make sure that you learn about the thoughts and experiences of your colleagues:

 project Consultants, Llc | Pc Social


Where do businesses share their visuals?

  • 47% Said that they share on Social Media Channels.
  •  18% said they share on emails.
  •  13% said they print their designs. 
  • 12% Share their visuals on blog posts. 
  • 7% said they communicate through a newsletter.
  • 3% said they share on websites.



Top Social Channels Where Businesses Share Their Visual Content

  •  32% said they share on FacebookSocial, Graphic Design, Design, Innovation, Analytics Project Consultants, Llc | Pc Social
  • 31% said they share on Instagram
  •  16% said they share on YouTube
  •  12% said they share on LinkedIn
  • 9% said they share on Twitter


How do businesses create and edit graphic design assets? 

  • 41% said they use in-house graphic designers.
  •  35% Do it on their own. 
  • 24% said they outsource their graphic design projects. 


How many people are involved in the overall graphic design process?

  • 61% said it takes around 2-5 people to create a graphic design project, and 
  • 24% said that they use more than 5 people. 
  • 15% said they only use 1 person.

Graphic Design, Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Marketing  Project Consultants, Llc | Pc Social


The industry with the highest annual graphic design budget in the survey?

The software industry dedicates over $10,000 of its yearly budget to graphic design.


What are the key takeaways?

Graphics play a vital role in any marketing campaign, and you should always ensure that your graphics are well crafted and relevant to your brand. Most businesses hire graphic designers to create icons, illustrations, and other graphical elements for their products or services. Your brand identity is defined by how easily customers identify your products or services. A strong logo is one of the best ways to establish your brand image because it represents your values and culture.

Graphic design is vital in any marketing campaign, where it communicates your message effectively. But it also significantly impacts the success of your social media pages, blogs, and website. 



Whether researching for a blog post or creating a presentation for your company’s next strategic planning meeting, use the above graphic design statistics and insights to help your business improve its strategy and drive better outcomes.

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