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Market Research for E-Commerce: The Ultimate Guide

Market Research for E-Commerce: The Ultimate Guide What Is Ecommerce Market Research? Ecommerce market research is the process of gathering information from potential customers through surveys, interviews, focus groups, and observation. It helps companies determine which products will appeal most to their target audience, where those products should be placed on the site, and whether […]

Data Analytics: What is it, and What Does It do For Business?

Data analytics is the process of examining data sets to draw conclusions about a particular business process or activity. This can be done manually but is more commonly done using software that can automate the process. Data analytics can be used to improve business efficiency, make better decisions, and to identify trends.

AI Analytics: Deep Learning vs Machine Learning

What is the difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning? Machine Learning Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that allows computers to learn and change without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning jobs typically involve programming algorithms and statistics and require someone to be there to monitor and check the outputs and changes. Deep Learning Deep learning is a type of machine learning that utilizes layered neural networks to learn tasks by building upon what it has already learned. Deep learning jobs typically involve more coding than machine learning jobs.

Starting A Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Starting A Data-driven Marketing Strategy If you’re ready to start taking your marketing skills to the next level, it’s time you understand all there is to know about marketing data. Data is perhaps the most critical skill for marketers in their marketing toolkit because data-driven marketing decisions will always result in better marketing strategies. Through […]

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