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Star Wars: Design with Force

The original Star Wars trilogy broke special effects barriers and used groundbreaking design principles to create epic and memorable scenes. You can use these 7 galactic design principles in your next design. The original Star Wars trilogy was groundbreaking in many ways, but especially in terms of special effects and design. 

By using innovative design principles, the filmmakers were able to create some of the most iconic and memorable scenes in all of cinema. If you’re looking to add a little Star Wars magic to your next design project, here are 7 galactic design principles

Why is a Social Persona Good for Branding?

A social persona is the virtual you. It’s what your business represents on social media and how that reflects on your brand. For example, if you’re a gym instructor, your social persona might be fun and energetic. If you’re a financial adviser or accountant, it might be professional and serious. You may have more than one persona in mind for your business — it’s important to remember that this is all about creating the right image for your brand in the eyes of potential customers.

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