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Star Wars: Design with Force

Star Wars: Design with Force

The original Star Wars trilogy broke special effects barriers and used groundbreaking design principles to create epic and memorable scenes. You can use these seven galactic design principles in your next design. The original Star Wars trilogy was groundbreaking in many ways, especially in special effects and design. 

Using innovative design principles, the filmmakers were able to create some of the most iconic and memorable scenes in all of cinema. If you want to add a little Star Wars magic to your next design project, here are seven galactic design principles to help you get started.


Learn more about the design principles in our interactive book  below. 


Large-scale realism

One of the things that made the original Star Wars movies stand out was the scale of some of the scenes. Rather than keeping things close to the earth, Star Wars took audiences into deep space, into massive star fleets, and into the colossal Death Star of them all.

Large-scale realism can help to enhance your brand message.

Rather than displaying a specific product in a highly magnified, well-lit fashion, you can use large-scale realism to convey the impact and importance of your work. This technique can effectively highlight the impact and volume of your work crudely without relying on high-resolution images or expensive production work.

How to use it for design

Using large-scale realism as a design principle can help convey the impact and importance of your work in a simple yet effective way.

When you use these principles, you can put your own spin on the design process and start interacting with customers from other galaxies far far away.

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